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Bridge the Gap Ohio seeks to remedy the deteriorating condition and safety of local roads and bridges that is caused by flawed and insufficient funding.

Please join those who seek to share the truth of this situation with the public and decision makers who can initiate solutions for this crisis. You can help by browsing the information on this website, becoming involved in local outreaches listed here, passing along our message, and becoming an active participant in ensuring that Ohio’s local roads and bridges remain beautiful and safe to travel!

Bridge the Gap Facts Facts

The ASCE ranked roads as one of Ohio's #1 infrastructure concerns ahead of schools, bridges, drinking water, waste water and solid waste. ODOT estimates that the purchasing power of each dollar of public funds for repairs has decreased by 7% annually since 2012. State and Federal funding barely provides for ODOT's heavily-used roads and bridges; the trickle-down effect has local governments struggling to meet the basic infrastructure funding needs.


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