Bridge The Gap

For the safety of Ohio’s citizens, we ask the Ohio General Assembly to provide the money necessary to maintain and improve Ohio’s highways and bridges.

Income from the gasoline tax is declining due to rising fuel costs, alternative fuel sources, and more fuel efficient vehicles. Meanwhile, inflation in the construction industry has caused costs to double over the past six years. The Ohio General Assembly needs to look at increasing other possible revenue sources that are related to the number and size of vehicles traveling on Ohio’s roads and bridges. The focus should also be on the number of miles those vehicles travel annually, which causes roads and bridges to deteriorate.

The base $20 license plate fee for road and bridge construction in Ohio is one of the lowest in the nation, and it has not been adjusted for 30 years. The Ohio General Assembly should allow counties to adjust their permissive plate fees and possibly index the annual plate fee as a percentage of the bluebook value of the vehicle. Income from this source would rise annually as the value of vehicles naturally rises and as more vehicles are placed on the highways.

A Federal Highway Administration study reports that $1 spent on transportation improvements has a return on investment of $5.20. The public benefits from improved safety, reduced vehicle maintenance costs, fewer delays, decreased fuel consumption, lower emissions, and lower road infrastructure maintenance costs.

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